KOMOS® Stainless Steel S-Style Keg Coupler (With PRV) 1/4 in. Barb Connectors Included


Item #: 61394
Weight: 2LBS
Availability: In Stock


1/4" tailpieces are ideally used with 3/16" draft line for a tight fit. If you'd prefer to use a different size tubing, the KOMOS S-style coupler for European kegs can also be purchased bare so you can mix and match your preferred tailpiece sizes.

The check valves will need to be installed before first use. The silicone check valve is inserted on the side gas-in port and the check ball and ball retainer are inserted on the top bev-out port.

  • S-style sanke coupler
  • Stainless body
  • Stainless probe
  • PRV rated to 4.5 BAR (65 psi)

Product Specifications

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