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The Kombucha Lid allows the user to convert any size Brew Bucket into a Kombucha Brewing vessel.  The wide 6 inch TC port and screen allow the SCOBY to breathe, while also preventing any foreign material from entering the Brew Bucket.

The 3.5 Gallon lid is only compatible with the Brew Bucket Mini.

The 7 Gallon lid is compatible with both the 7gal Brew Bucket, 7gal Brew Bucket BME and 7gal Chronical 2.0 series. This includes the legacy 7gal Chronicals and 7gal Chronical BME.

The 14 Gallon lid is compatible with both the 14gal Brew Bucket, 17gal Chronical 2.0, as well as both the legacy Half BBL Chronical, and Half BBL Chronical BME tanks.

(Not compatible with the legacy Booch tanks or 14gal Chronical series.)

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