Keg Coupler Quick Disconnect (QD) | K-Lok Male x Male Beer Thread - Beverage Side


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Add the convenience of quick disconnects to your commercial sanke couplers. The K-Lok QD system will allow you to easily connect and disconnect your draft lines from your keg coupler with no spilling or loss of gas.

This K-Lok Male x Male Beer Thread is designed to be attached to your beverage line and then connected to the K-Lok Female fitting attached to your keg coupler's bev out port. The built-in check valve prevents liquid from draining out of your beer line when it's disconnected so it's a dry break.

Draft lines can be connected to the Male Beer Thread end using a Duotight Adapter for EVABarrier tubing or Hex Nut & Tailpiece for other draft tubing.

KegLand Part Number: KL04930


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