Kent Shut-Off Male Quick Disconnect (QD) - Soda Bottle Cap


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An awesome way to carbonate your homebrew in a 2 liter bottle for ultra-easy transport and serving!
Now you can have a quick, economical way to carbonate a plastic bottle full of beer. Use this Kent Shut-Off Male QD - Soda Bottle Cap to seal a soda bottle under CO2 pressure. An ideal way to bring homebrew to a party without all the accessories.
TIP N' TRICK: Add a CO2 tee inline with your current CO2 setup and install our H481 Kent Shut-Off Female QD w/ 1/4 in Barb. This way you always have access to CO2 accessible to put your beer under pressure before leaving for the party.
* A single-handed connection and disconnection 
* Strong plastic that can handle 250 degrees, very durable, and is medical-grade compliant and made from FDA approved material 

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