Kegmenter Fermenting Keg - 50L/13.2 Gal


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Weight: 44LBS
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58 L stainless steel keg that can be used to ferment, carbonate, and serve. We recommend using two kegmenters, one for fermenting and one for cabonating and serving. If it will take 2-3 weeks to consume the finished beer, you may want to move it to a fresh vessel to avoid leaving the beer on the trub for too long. A simple ball lock jumper line (18247) makes transferring easy. With the addition of a 4" x 2" T.C. reducer (46146), a condenser can be attached for distillation. A 4" T.C. end cap with pre drilled hole is also available (46143), which can be paired with a #3 stopper and airlock.


  • Working pressure - 2.5 BAR (36 psi)
  • 4 in Triclamp lid
  • Floating dip tube
  • Stainless steel 1.8 mm thick


Warning: Always depressurize keg before removing lid.

Does not come with spunding valve show in example photo. See item 16772.

Kegland Part number: KL04565

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