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An innovative carbonating lid for your favorite Corny Keg. This is a Cornelius keg lid has a built-in carbonation stone. With this lid in place, you can force carbonate quickly using the attached .5 micron stone. You also get the convenience of being able to move the lid from keg to keg. No more hassles of trying to attach and unattach line from the "gas in" dip tube. Simply connect your gas quick disconnect to the included fitting on the lid and allow carbonation to begin.

This lid is constructed by welding on a 1/4" barb to the underside of the lid. To that we attached 2' of 1/4" ID tubing that attaches to a .5 micron carbonation stone on the other end. The flexible tubing allows the lid to be inserted into any cornelius style keg. The top of the lid has a "gas in" ball lock body connect welded in place that works with the KEG710 and KEG730 gas quick disconnects.

How to use this product:

Beer must be stored cold 34-40F.
1. Preboil the stone for 2-3 minutes before using. This assures you that your stone is sterile and any residual oils have been boiled off.
2. Sanitize the whole keg lid before submersing into your keg filled with beer.
3. Set your PSI on your regulator to 3-4psi and attach your gas in fitting to the body connect on the lid. Leave keg at this pressure for 1 hour.
4. Raise your pressure 2PSI per hour until you reach 10-12psi. Leave it at 10-12psi for 24 hours. Pour a pint and test the carbonation. If you think your beer needs more CO2 leave for another 4-6 hours and have another pint.
5. Remove carbonation lid after carbonation level is satisfactory. Return original keg lid for long term storage.

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