Intertap Faucet Kit - Stainless


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Weight: 2LBS
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Get all of the amazing features and functionality out of your Intertap faucet!  This kit includes all of the accessories that can be paired with the Stainless Steel Intertap forward sealing faucet.  Whether you want to fill a growler or pour a stout, this faucet does it all.  Everything you need to dispense from and maintain your Intertap faucet!

This Kit Includes:

  • Stainless Steel Intertap Beer Faucet (D1210)
  • Intertap Stout Spout (D1213)
  • Intertap Growler Filler Spout (D1214)
  • Intertap Ball Lock Spout (D1217)
  • Intertap Self-Closing Faucet Spring* (D1212)
  • Intertap Seal & Gasket Kit (D1215)

*Does not include shank.

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