Indonesia Java Preanger - Wet Process - Green Coffee Beans

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Our Regional Series Java Preanger Wet Processed coffee is sourced from family-owned farms located in the Pangalengan district, Bandung Regency on the island of Java, Indonesia. Wildan Mustofa and Atieq Mustikaningtyas, a husband and wife team, started cultivating coffee in 2011 as a means of erosion control and soil conservation on the steep terrain near where they were cultivating vegetables, seed potato, and tea. They encouraged their neighbors to follow suit, many of whom now also grow coffee on 2 to 5 acre plots. Their collective coffee and shade trees, such as eucalyptus and pine, have very good foliage and root systems that protect the soil from erosion and increases water holding capacity, which is very important because the Bandung highland is a catchment area for the Citarum basin.
The cupping notes for these beans are chocolate, orange, and floral.
Our Regional Series are coffees from the most famous and well-regarded coffee-growing regions from around the world. These coffees highlight the typical flavors, aromas, and essential characteristics of the particular region and/or sub regions. Try our regional series to get an example of these famous coffee regions!

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