Hop Bundle - Neomexicanus Hop Pellets (6 X 8oz)


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Buy a hop bundle and save big! Included in this bundle is 6 X 8 oz packages, for a total of 48 oz (3 lbs.) of hops.  Try a variety of hops that you have not tried or stock up for future brews.  All of these hops have neomexicanus lineage, meaning they have some wild American hop character. These hops make excellent IPA's and pale ales. Great as a gift for the brewer in your life.  

Included in this bundle, 8 oz each:

  • Sabro
  • HBC472 
  • Zappa
  • Neo1
  • El Dorado
  • Multihead

Save over $20 when compared to buying individually. Hops come packaged individually and not in "hoppy bundles of hops" box depicted above.

Product Specifications

Weight6 x 8oz