Zahm & Nagel CO² & Headspace Air Piercing Device

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$1,800.00 to $2,030.00

This instrument is used to test beverage or product for CO² gas and air content in either glass or PET containers and cans. It is automatically adjustable to various size bottles and cans and is available in either one or two liter sizes. Two standard pressure/temperature relationship charts are furnished with the instrument for the determination of volumes of CO² gas in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The instrument is equipped with a dual scale pressure gauge (0-60 psi and & 0-4.2 kg/cm2) and an adjustable 2″ dual scale dial thermometer (25.125ºF & -5/55ºC). This piercing device is also equipped with a 100cc burette that measures up to 25cc’s of the product’s air content. The parts list and line drawing should be used for assembly and as a reference for ordering replacement parts.

Headspace “air” is defined as atmospheric air picked up during the brewing process. These instruments do not measure dissolved oxygen.

Two sizes are available. One that can test vessels up to 1L in size, and the other that can test vessels up to 3L in size.


Product Specifications