BrewBuilt™ Flex Chamber - Trub Separator & Yeast Harvester


Item #: 49100
Weight: 2LBS
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The pressurizable Flex Chamber attaches directly to any 2" butterfly dump valve and can be used for monitoring yeast activity, removing trub, harvesting and storing yeast, and many other tasks. Ball lock adapters can be attached to the 28 mm PCO 1881 threaded ports on either side, allowing you to connect oxygenation or carbonation stones, or flush the Flex Chamber with CO2 and use it to inject hops or other ingredients into the fermenter.

2" tri-clamp, gasket and end cap included.

The Flex Chamber is also fully compatible with the Gen 3 FermZilla Tri-Conical fermenters.

Please note: never remove the Flex Chamber while your conical is under pressure. Always release pressure before removing the Flex Chamber. 

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