Hanna edgeĀ® Compatible Digital DO/Temperature Electrode (Hanna# HI764080)


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The HI 764080 is a digital dissolved oxygen electrode with built-in temperature sensor. This ultra-thin, Clark-type polarographic electrode is designed for measuring DO in aqueous solutions and contains a built-in microchip that stores sensor type, serial number, and calibration information. The sensor features a platinum cathode with a silver/silver chloride anode, an integrated temperature sensor, and easily replaceable PTFE membrane caps. This probe features a 3.5 mm connector designed exclusively to be used with Hanna Instruments edge® Tablet Meters.
  • Ultra-Thin Body
  • Replaceable Membranes
  • 3.5 mm Connector
Built-in Microchip
The built-in microchip stores sensor type, serial number and calibration information including date, time, offset, slope, probe condition and buffers used. This information is automatically retrieved by edge® once the electrode is plugged in. The ability to transfer information allows for hot swapping of probes without having to recalibrate. All DO measurements are performed within the electrode and transferred digitally to the meter. This overcomes any noise issues associated with the traditional high impedance analog measuring system. Electrical noise can be generated from a built in temperature sensor and while working in a humid environment.
Ultra-Thin Body
The ultra-thin, 12mm, design allows for convenient measurement in narrow vessels such as test tubes.
Replaceable Membranes
With screw-on caps, edge® DO PTFE membranes are easy to replace for faster maintenance.
Features at-a-glance:
• Digital Microprocessor
• Ultra-thin design – 12mm body for convenience
• Replaceable membranes – easy screw on for easy maintenance
• Polarographic sensor
• Built-in temperature sensor
• 3.5mm digital plug – easy to plug in, no alignment necessary


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