Glass Beverage Dispenser with Infuser and Stainless Spigot - 5L / 1.3 gal.


Item #: 55020
Weight: 4LBS
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This glass beverage dispenser will look great on your counter or home bar, whether you're pouring lemon water, sun tea, kombucha, or pre-mixed cocktails. The infuser allows you to add citrus or other flavors to your beverage while keeping pulp and other solids out your glasses. Wide mouth lid for easy cleaning between uses. Features a stainless steel spigot that will stand up to corrosion no matter what beverage you're serving.

In addition to dispensing beverages, this vessel works well for brewing kombucha thanks to the stainless steel spigot. The low pH of kombucha can cause early wear on plastic spigots, but not stainless. This makes a great option as a fermenter for the continuous brew method for kombucha making.

  • Glass beverage dispenser
  • Removable infusion chamber
  • Stainless steel spigot
  • Additional spigot styles can be found below


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