German Polaris Hops (Pellets)

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This German varietal is a 2012 product of the Hull Hop Institute best known for its incredibly high alpha status. Still in an experimental phase, Polaris has shown to be a dual purpose brewing ingredient, with aromas of spice, pine, and mint that rival its intense bittering power.

With an alpha acid content ranging from about 18% to upwards of 22%, Polaris makes an excellent addition to Bitters, ESBs, Pale Ales, and IPAs. Due to its uniquely minty aroma and super high alpha acids, you can’t really substitute Polaris hops and get the same result. Taste how this varietal works in craft brews like Polaris Pale Ale from Trillium Brewing Company.

Product Specifications

Flavor and AromaFloral
Alpha AcidsHigh

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