ForgeFit® Stainless Tri-Clamp Hose End - 1.5" x 1.5" T.C.


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This ForgeFit oversized barb hose end is intended for use with 1.5" professional beverage tubing. This is the same fitting we use on our pre-fabricated beverage hose assemblies.

When designing this fitting, we made sure it has all the features we wanted in a barb intended for professional applications. The hose barb has a shoulder to keep the hose from creeping up towards the fitting end. The long barb promotes solid engagement with the hose and the end has a gentle internal taper to transition the product flow smoothly from the fitting to the tubing.

1.5" tri-clamp connection with 1.52" OD 3.49" long barb. Overall length 4.95". 3A certified 304 stainless.

Product Specifications