Foam on Beer Detector (FOB)


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Foam on Beer Detectors, or FOBs, are commonly used in commercial draft systems as a way to eliminate product waste and increase profits. When a keg completely empties and foam passes into the FOB it will shut off flow and in doing so keep the draft line completely full of beer until a new keg is tapped. This means you can hook a fresh keg and continue pouring without foaming issues, preventing you from wasting beer that is otherwise needed to refill the line and purge the system.

The FOB comes with 3/8" Duotight compatible barbs at the inlet and outlet, allowing you to easily hook up EVABarrier tubing with either a 9.5 mm joiner or 9.5 mm to 8 mm reducer (DUO113 / DUO105). If not using EVABarrier, simply clamp the line directly onto the barb.

Setup and Use:

  • Attach beverage line from outlet of keg coupler to straight inlet of FOB.
  • Attach beverage line from elbow outlet of FOB to faucet shank.
  • Connect fresh keg and push down purge button until the chamber fills with beer.
  • Push bottom knob in to lift float then pull out for normal operation.

Kegland Part number: KL00802

Product Specifications

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