Flaked Rye

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$1.79 to $44.99
  • Contributes a strong, spicy rye flavor without adding too much body or mouthfeel
  • Adds complexity to your malt flavor profile—often used in Pale Ales, IPAs, and Imperial IPA
  • Use as up to 10% of your grain bill to spice things up, 40% for a Rye IPA, or 60% for a Roggenbier

Rye flakes are unlike typical flaked ingredients in that they are added purely for their spicy flavor and do little to add body and mouthfeel. 5-10% is all you need to add a distinct rye flavor to your malt profile, and you can increase from there depending on your desired taste or the style you're brewing. A staple ingredient in German Roggenbier, Finish Sahti, and American Rye-P-As.

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