Filter Attachment for BrewBuilt™ X-Series Uni Pressure Pack


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Keep hops and other flavoring additions in your fermenter where they belong. This filter attachment can be attached to the X-Series Uni Pressure Pack's floating dip tube to prevent vegetal matter and other solids from being pulled into the dip tube. This first line of defense makes the floating dip tube even more effective at transferring only the clearest beer possible from your conical to your keg.

Simply remove the metal tube from the ball float, slip the silicone tubing over the barb, then reattach the ball float to one of three clip locations.

Made from HDPE and 304 stainless steel, the filter can be boiled or sanitized with the full range of cleaners that we sell. The plastic HDPE is over molded onto the stainless mesh to make a seamless finish. The end cap can easily pop off for cleaning.


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