FermZilla All Rounder Pressure Brewing Kit - 7.9 gal. / 30 L


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This kit includes the 30L FermZilla All Rounder, ball lock cap adapters for the lid, floating dip tube with filter attachment, and the BlowTie 2 ball lock spunding valve. Everything one needs to ferment under pressure, carbonate in vessel, and pressure transfer.

The FermZilla 30L All Rounder is the perfect fermentation vessel that can be used for fermenting under pressure, carbonating, and dispensing.  It's far more capable than the FermZilla Flat bottom but less complicated and less expensive than the FermZilla Conical fermenter. The key differences are that the All Rounder can be pressurized, unlike the Flat Bottom, but it does not have a dump valve like the FermZilla Conical.

What's Included:

  • FermZilla 30L All Rounder Fermenter
    • Stainless Steel Stand
    • Stainless Steel Handle
    • Top Lid with PRV (35 psi)
    • 3-Piece Airlock
    • Adhesive Thermometer
  • (1) Red Ball Lock Carbonation Cap
  • (1) Yellow Ball Lock Carbonation Cap
    • Use one color for gas and one for liquid!
  • Stainless Steel Float with Silicone Dip Tube
  • Mesh Filter Attachment
  • All Rounder Stand Harness
  • BlowTie Spunding Valve

FermZilla All Rounder Specs:

  • 30 L (7.9 gal) Total Volume
  • Pressure Rated to 2.5 Bar (36.2 psi)
  • Height in Stand - 21.7"
  • Height w/ Airlock - 24.2"
  • Tank Diameter - 13.9" 
  • Lid & Collection Container Ports - 28 mm PCO 1881 threads
  • Temperature Rating:
    • When not under pressure, do not expose to liquids above 131°F
    • When under pressure, do not expose to any temperatures above 95°F*

*Please note that the temperature rating for the PET tank is lower when using it under pressure. When not under pressure, it is perfectly safe to transfer liquid into the tank below 131°F or to use hot liquids below this temp to clean the tank. When under pressure, you should make sure to keep your unit in an environment no hotter than 95°F and to keep your fermentation temperature below this temp as well. If you are using kveik yeast to ferment under pressure, we highly recommend using temperature control.

NOTE: FermZilla tanks are marked with a manufacturer’s “expiry date”. This does not indicate that the tank is bad after this date; it simply indicates that a hydro test may be in order. 2 years after production and every 2 years after first use, it is recommended that the tank be hydro tested to ensure the tank is holding pressure. Hydro test instructions are available here. You will also need the D1072 Green PRV to perform the test. If you do not plan to pressurize the fermenter, the test is not necessary.


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