Ethiopia Sidama Hantate - Pulped Natural Process - Green Coffee Beans

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Our Select Series Ethiopia Sidama Hantate has a bright and zingy acidity, wild cherry and creamy berry flavors with a hint of graham crackers, heavier body, and a fresh lemony finish.

Coffees from Ethiopia usually have abundantly fruity and floral aromas, balanced acidity, fruit, floral, and wine-like flavors, medium-body, and a slightly unpredictable finish (depending on if the coffee is Wet- or Dry-Processed).

Our Select Series green bean coffees offer special and unique quality coffees from around the world.  We emphasize the contrasting nature of these coffees from their surrounding countries, regions, and sub-regions or highlight coffees from famous regions that are of the highest quality. Try our select series to taste the sometimes profound difference between beans grown in the same region!

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