Ethiopia Harrar - Natural Process - Green Coffee Beans

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Our Regional Series Ethiopia Harrar Natural (Dry) Processed coffee is from a region known for very fruity aromas, balanced acidity, blueberry and wine-like flavors, natural sweetness, and often a wild and slightly fermented aftertaste (owing to the Dry-Processing).

In the Dry-Process method, the entire cherry after harvest is placed in the sun to dry. Once dry, all of the outer layers of the coffee bean are mechanically stripped off in one fell swoop. The resulting coffee tends to be fruitier in flavor, more unpredictable, and heavier in body than Wet-Process coffees. This process is most common to the coffees of the Harrar region of Ethiopia, Yemen, and some areas of Brazil.

Our Regional Series are coffees from the most famous and well regarded coffee-growing regions from around the world.  These coffees highlight the typical flavors, aromas, and essential characteristics of the particular region and/or sub regions.  Try our regional series to get an example of these famous coffee regions!

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