Enolmaster Wine Bottle Filler (Vacuum Filler) - 4 Spout


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A commercial version of the Enolmatic filler that features four filling heads and allows you to fill up to 600 bottles per hour. This is the best bottle filler for the large-scale home winemaker or a small commercial operation. Through the use of a vacuum, the Enolmaster filler automatically starts a siphon, sucks the air out of your wine bottles to preserve freshness, and automatically shuts off when each bottle is filled to the perfect height every time. Not only does the entire process take place in a nearly oxygen-free environment, preserving the freshness of your wine, the rate of fill is extremely fast allowing you to bottle up to 600 bottles per hour.

The Enolmaster creates a vacuum that sucks the wine directly from your fermenter, storage tank, or barrel, which can be located up to 12 feet below the Enolmaster. No need to start a siphon or to have to pump or move your wine above your filling machine. The vacuum simultaneously sucks the air out of your bottle allowing you to fill in a nearly oxygen-free bottle. This quality-first process helps to ensure that the delicate flavors of your wine, the flavors you worked so hard to get, are not lost in an open-air bottling process. Additionally, there are no moving parts in contact with the wine ensuring the gentlest handling possible.

Fill speed can be adjusted allowing you to bottle at your preferred pace. While the filler is in operation, wine is not allowed back into the storage tank or barrel due to a one-way valve located in the supply line. The small amount of excess wine runs into a collection reservoir. The fill height can be adjusted and can be used with any size or type of bottle.

The Enolmaster is a commercial product designed for a small winery. It has a continuous duty cycle, meaning it can run non-stop and is constructed entirely from food-grade materials. The frame is made of stainless steel as are the filling heads. Simply run water through the system to clean out the lines. The reservoir for excess overfill can be rinsed out or ran through the dishwasher.

To filter your wine and bottle fill at the same time, add the optional in-line Tandem Professional Filter Housing and Filter Cartridges.

  • Base and frame made from 304 stainless steel
  • Fill nozzels made from 316 stainless steel
  • Fill up to 600 x 750ml bottles per hour
  • Made in Italy by Tenco
  • Dimensions: 650m x 460mm x 450m
  • Weight: 25 kg (55 lbs)
  • Power: 110V / 60hz / 120W


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