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Dry mead is similar to a dry white wine. This kit will make a delicious dry mead that you can age out for years to come. You can also choose to carbonate it and serve at a wedding for a sparkling mead toast! As a slight aside, the term Honeymoon is said to refer to drinking Mead for 1 month after the wedding to help ensure the birth of a boy.

While the kit is great still or carbonated, the adventurous home fermenter could use this kit as a base on which to experiment. Consider fermenting it out and then splitting it off into smaller 1 gallon containers where you can make a sweet mead by adding more honey to one, vanilla bean to another, fruit to another, etc.

When making a Dry Mead we recommend that you have a small amount of Tartaric Acid on hand at the end of fermentation. As with a wine, a final small bump in acidity can bring out the honey flavor and aroma and add a bit of refreshment. We suggest adding 1/4 tsp at a time to your taste.

Features 12 lb of Wildflower honey and all the nutrient packs needed to make premium mead. Tartaric acid, if you wish to try your hand at adjusting acidity is sold separately.


Dry Yeast Recommendation:

DV10: Strong and clean, stays true to original honey's flavours and aromas.
QA23: Aromatic / Floral, great bouquet (a bit more lean and focused than R2)
W15: Great aromatic profile (true to the honey source) and heavy mouthfeel.


Includes our simple, step-by-step two page instructions, which will teach you the basics of making mead. 

This kit does not include yeast. Please see our recommendations above.

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