Dry Malolactic Bacteria - MBR-31

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O. oeni strain adapted to low temperature and low pH; enhances polyphenolic content and fruit character.

Lalvin MBR 31® was selected by the ITV for use in red and white wines, and is also an excellent choice for fruit wines and ciders.

Performs well even under stressful conditions, such as pH as low as 3.1 and temperatures down to 13ºC/55ºF.

Known for its positive sensory characteristics. In reds, MBR 31® may increase berry fruit flavors and mouthfeel. In whites, it is known for light buttery flavor, respect for fruit, increased body and length of finish.

Sometimes slow to start but finishes quickly.

Pitch directly or rehydrate with nutrients for best results.

2.5g packet is good for 66 gal (250L)
25g bag is good for 660 gal (2,500L)

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