Pale Ale Malt - Dingemans Malting

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3.5-4.3 ° L - Dingemans Pale Ale - Dingemans Pale Ale malt is fully modified, kilned longer and more intensively. This malt gives your beer a golden color. (3.8°L)

If this malt is currently out of stock or you'd like to try out a different maltster, please see the substitution chart below.

Viking Malt - Pale Ale GR901
Briess Malting - Pale Ale GR303
Canada Malting - Superior Pale Ale GR670
Thomas Fawcett Malting - Spring Pale Ale GR362
Great Western Malting - American Pale GR305
Admiral Maltings - Maiden Voyage Pale GR700
Admiral Maltings - Gallagher's Best Pale GR701



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