Digital Oven Thermometer


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Simple and easy to use probe thermometer with alarm.

The cable on this thermometer isn't waterproof so you shouldn't allow the probe to be fully submerged. If this does occur and you are getting incorrect readings you can place the probe in the oven (leaving the plug outside) and bake for 1 hour at 190C to boil the moisture out of the probe.

  • Broad temperature operating range (0 degrees C / 250 degrees C)
  • High accuracy of 1 degree C (0-100C) 1.5 degree C (100-250C)
  • Temperature display resolution 1 degree
  • Timer range 99min 59sec
  • Timer alarm function
  • High temperature alarm function
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit display option
  • Battery operated 1xAAA



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