Diffusion Stone - 2 Micron (36" long)


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For oxygenating wort or for purging wine with nitrogen or argon. Terrific for pumping oxgyen into macro bin ferments in particular.  36" long 3/8" OD stainless tubing with 2 micron sintered stainless steel stone attached. Attach 3/8" ID tubing (D1706).

Sanitizing your Diffusion Stone:

To properly prepare your stone for use, we recommend you boil the stone portion in water for 3-5 minutes. By heating the stone to boiling temperatures you kill all possible contaminants that may be hidden within the stones micro pores. Using a surface sanitizer is not a guarantee from contamination. Boiling also greatly reduces clogging issues by helping to remove sugar residue.

If boiling is not an option, for whatever reason, we recommend the next best, soaking in Star San. Star San will remove a majority of surface contamination/bacteria, but will not sanitize the interior of the stone which may or may not be contaminated.

Please note that you do not want to touch the stainless stone portion with your hands. The oils on your fingers can actually clog the small pores in the stone.

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