Counterflow Chiller Caddy


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Counterflow chillers are popular among home brewers because they’re so fast and efficient, but no one enjoys the bulky mess that they create when they get tangled up in your hoses and pumps. Well, now we offer something to solve the problems created by your counterflow chiller: a counterflow chiller caddy designed specifically for mounting your beloved chiller!

Our very own Order Fulfillment Manager, Ryan Barto, designed this handy caddy. It features a hook at the top to hold your tubing sets, rivets for mounting our optional March pump bracket and even wing nuts to help you securely attach the chiller right to the caddy. In order to control the flow rate through the chiller based on its temperature once it exits, Ryan recommends adding a ball valve and thermometer on the output side of the setup. He also notes that you can mount two counter flow chillers on one stand if you’re working on cooling wort for a lager brew.    

WC91 Measurements:

Height - 27"
Base Diameter - 8"
Depth from hose hook to end of mounting arm - 9.5"
Pump adds 1-1.5" in overall depth when mounted.

Product Specifications

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