Costa Rica La Minita Estate La Magnolia Tres Rios - Wet Process - Green Coffee Beans

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La Magnolia Tres Rios from Costa Rica has an incredibly sweet and floral aroma, smooth mouthfeel and natural sweetness, clean acidity, intense yet delicate flavors of citrus, maple, honeysuckle, and strawberry that are flavors specific of the bowl shaped valley in the Tres Rios region. It is medium-bodied and has a nice lingering finish.

La Magnolia is grown by the La Minita estate, which has been long considered by many experts to be one of the world's most exquisite coffee growers. It is one of the last true Estate coffees, as they oversee and control every aspect of the coffee preparation, from nursery through final milling. For every 100 lbs picked, only 23 lbs will actually be packaged and given the "La Minita" name. You can learn more about this estate from their own website: .

The MoreCoffee! Estate Series is composed of only the very finest green coffee sourced from famous coffee-growing estates that meticulously oversee and control every aspect of coffee cultivation and preparation for unparalleled quality and flavor. Try our estate series to get a crystal-clear idea of what coffee of the highest quality really tastes like!

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