Cooling Snake | 2.5 Meters | 0.40 m² Surface Area

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A new & unique alternative to cooling plates. This tube-within-a-tube snake is used to recirculate glycol or cooled water through your ferment to keep temperatures down. It can be used in a tank, macrobin, or barrel. The inner vinyl tube runs through the middle of the corrugated stainless tubing, but is shorter than the stainless tubing. Glycol can run through one tube and back through the other, completing the loop.

  • Snakes are outfitted with 1/2in. male NPT threads on both the inlet and outlet.  The inlet is at 90 degrees and the outlet is straight.
  • .40m Square meter of Cooling Surface
  • Ideal for use with an Oak Barrel or Small Tank.
  • Can also be used for heating.
  • Optional silicon sleeve for sealing.

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