KOMOS® Cobra Draft Tower - Dual Tap


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Weight: 7LBS
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The KOMOS Cobra draft tower features a built-in glycol loop for chilling, making it a great option for commercial tap rooms or home bar enthusiasts looking for something really unique. The signature condensation on a glycol chilled draft tower will surely have your patrons clammoring for a pint! Using the glycol loop is optional and isn't required to appreciate the striking design of the Cobra tower.
The towers come with female beer thread sockets and do not include shanks or faucets. We recommend the stainless Cobra Tower Shank and stainless Intertap forward-sealing faucets. When installing the shanks you will also need a tailpiece gasket to create a good seal.
For chilling the tower we highly recommend the KOMOS DraftMaster glycol chiller. This unit features a built-in submersible pump intended for pushing glycol or ice water through the Cobra tower's cooling loop. The pump can be turned on independently to circulate cooling solution constantly while you're serving from the tower, and then turned off when not in use. The DraftMaster also has 4 built-in draft coils that sit in the glycol reservoir, so you can serve from kegs at room temperature by passing the beer through the chiller on its way to your faucet.
  • Dual Tap
  • Glycol Loop
  • 8mm OD stainless steel lines
  • Beer thread female sockets for attaching shanks
  • Made from cast brass with chrome plating
  • Faucets and faucet shanks not included



  • Height: 14.16 inches from mounting plate 
  • Width: 4.16 inches
  • Shank: 1 inch OD


Please note: the beverage lines and glycol loop do not come marked. To identify them, blow air into the lines. If the air comes out of a nother line, that's the glycol loop. If the air comes out at the shank socket, it's a beverage line.



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