HIZO G14 | Waterproof Pizza Oven Carry Bag


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Weight: 1LBS
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The HIZO G14 Portable Gas-Fired Pizza Oven is the perfect no hassle solution to cooking the best homemade pizza outdoors. Fold down the legs of the HIZO G14 and tuck the gas hose underneath. Stretch out the carry bag and catch one end in under the adjustable string piece part and pull over the unit like you would a fitted sheet. There are a total of four clips on the underside. In a cross like pattern put the top left clip into the bottom right. Repeat with the top right to bottom left (refer to product photo if needed).

This carry bag / storage cover has been hot-seamed stitched together for maximum waterproofing.

KegLand Part Number: KL24891

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HIZO G14 Pizza Oven | Gas Powered...


HIZO G14 Pizza Oven | Gas Powered...