Buon Vino Super Jet Filter


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This tried and true filter pumps fluid from one container, through three filter pads and back into another container. Designed for home winemakers who will be filtering more than 10 gallons at a time. Has a built in Flojet pump, which can be used to rack wine from one container to another by bypassing the filter pads. The pump is relatively small, drawing .5 amps and is standard 110V. Additional features include a carrying handle, built in pressure gauge, on/off switch and 4' power cord. The pressure gauge will tell you when you need to replace the pads. You will not want to filter wine which contains solids such as stems or oak chips. This will clog the pump and void the warranty.

Filter package includes 8' of 1/2 ID tubing on the input side and 4' of 1/2" ID tubing on the output side. Input side includes sediment tip but we recommend our 1/2" Racking set up (R310 or R315). The output side comes with a hook for hanging to the side of the carboy. You may also want a racking cane (R373 or R376) on this output side so your receiving vessel fills from the bottom instead of the top (to reduce oxidation.)

The manufacturer suggests that you wet the pads before inserting them into the filterhousing. Run a couple of gallons of water through the pads before you start filtering the wine. To help neutralize the pads you can use one to two teaspoons of Citric Acid in 2 gallons of water and run that through the filter.

We suggest that a stock sanitzing solution of potassium metabisulphite and citric acid (1 tblsp each in a gallon of water) ran through the filter followed by a cold water rinse would be the best way to treat your pads prior to use.

Please also read the instructions that are included with the filter prior to operation.

Facts from the manufacturer:
- 8 feet max on the draw hose
- 30-35 feet on the push side
- Has a 35 PSI limit beyond which it will reduce the flow

Please note the Super Jet Filter does not come with filter pads. The available filter pad options can be found below under "You Might Also Need".

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