BrewEssence™ Sensory Training Kit - Basic Off-Flavors


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BrewEssence Sensory Training kits are designed and manufactured to provide an industry-leading standard of accuracy and ease-of-use to the process of sensory analysis training across a wide variety of flavors and aromas commonly found in beer. The liquid format of BrewEssence Sensory Training Kits allows for easy preparation of spiked beer suitable for training groups of any size. The compounds can be used for a variety of purposes including preparation for beer judging, use in brewery taste panel management programs, and towards studying for successful completion of various beer certification programs.

Basic Off-Flavors Kit

  • #1 Diacetyl
  • #2 DMS - Dimethyl sulfide
  • #3 Contamination - Diacetyl + Acetic acid
  • #4 Papery / Oxidized - Trans-2-nonenal
  • #5 Acetaldehyde
  • #6 Skunky / Lightstruck - 3-methyl-2-butene-thiol


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