BrewBuilt­™ Whirlpool Kettle - 10 gal.

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The BrewBuilt Whirlpool Kettle features three welded tri-clamp ports, a TC Whirlpool Maximizer and Whirlpool Return, large face dial thermometer, and 1/2" ball valve with oversized 5/8" barb—ideal for using 1/2" ID silicone transfer tubing—along with all the fittings and gaskets you'll need. Whirlpooling has become increasingly popular in the homebrewing community. It can bring out more hop flavor with late additions, improve the clarity of wort by creating a cone of trub that's left behind in the kettle, and greatly decrease cooling time when using an immersion chiller. Pair one of these kettles with a brew pump, and you'll be ready to whirlpool!

Designed for Brewing. Built to Last.
BrewBuilt brew kettles are made from 304 stainless steel and offer an unparalleled mix of features for the price. At the very top of the list are three welded-in-place tri-clamp couplers that offer a lifetime of leak free use.  As you can imagine, welding in a coupler costs more than punching a hole and using a gasketed (i.e. weld-less) fitting. Welded fittings offer a permanent connection that to us is worth every penny.  The second unique feature that we absolutely love about these brew kettles is the notched lid with silicone plug. This notch allows you so much flexibility; you can use an immersion chiller, one of our Ultimate Sparge Arms for mashing, tie off hop bags, take a temp reading during cooling, or whatever else we all can dream up.
Our new T.C. kettles were designed to keep pace with the ever-evolving world of brewing technology. Tri-clamp fittings are standard fare in professional breweries, and they’ve been widely adopted in homebrewing as T.C. fermenters and pumps become more affordable and widely available. Tri-clamp fittings, also known as Tri-clover, allow you to make a sanitary connection that is free of nooks and crannies for contaminants to take hold. They are much easier to break down for cleaning compared to threaded connections, and they don’t require Teflon tape to make a watertight seal. T.C. fittings and accessories also give you the distinct advantage of being able to clean in place (CIP), so you don’t need to break down your entire system after every brew day.

Beefy 304 Stainless
These kettles are made from 304 grade stainless.  That means you will have less corrosion issues than with a kettle made from lower grade 201 type stainless. We put these kettles through a corrosive salt water test in our shop and they passed with flying colors. We also made sure the rivets and riveted handles were also made of stainless steel for a long term, trouble free life. The included ball valve is a two piece design that allows for easy cleaning (we prefer these over 3 piece for ease of assembly) and is also made from 304 stainless. 


  • Three welded T.C. couplers for a lifetime of leak free use
  • Large face tri-clamp thermometer with 2" probe**
  • Tri-clamp Whirlpool Maximizer and Whirlpool Return
  • 1/2" ball valves with 5/8" barbs
  • Notched lid with silicone plug for flexibility
  • 304 Stainless construction for longevity
  • 1.0mm thick side walls resist denting
  • 4mm Tri-Clad Aluminum bottom sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel for no scorching
  • Internally etched volume markers from top to bottom for easy reading
  • Silicone coated handles for heat protection
  • 1.2:1 Ratio is optimal for boiling evaporation rate
  • Lid is designed to conveniently hang from a handle 
  • Stainless handles with stainless rivets for secure lifting
  • Kettle ID - 13.78"
  • Kettle Height - 16.54"

**Please note, the example photos show a thermometer with 6" probe. The Whirlpool Kettle's thermometer will have a 2" probe.

**Please Note, the Whirlpool Arm Geometry has been slightly changed.


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