BrewBuilt MiniMax CoolStix™ Complete Kit for Tri-Clamp Connections (w/ Blowoff)


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The BrewBuilt CoolStix is a revolutionary cooling solution for 7 to 14 gallon conical fermenters wtih tri-clamp fittings. It is easy to clean, easy to setup, and cools quickly and efficiently. The CoolStix uses a submersible pump to circulate cooling solution and a digital temperature controller to regulate flow. When the controller's temperature probe detects that the fermentation temp is getting too hot, it will power on the submersible pump to run ice water or glycol through the CoolStix. Once the temperature stabilizes, the controller will shut off the pump and stop circulation.

This version of the MiniMax has a longer shaft to accomodate the included blowoff assembly. If your fermenter has a single T.C. ferrule on top, this is the model for you. Includes the necessary tri-clamps and gaskets for assembling, but you will need an additional clamp and gasket to attach the CoolStix to your fermenter.

A cold water source is needed to provide the cooling solution. For maintaining ale temperatures, a cooler or bucket of ice water is sufficient in most cases. For maintaining lager temperatures, we recommend the Icemaster 100 Glycol Chiller.


  • 1.5" T.C. MiniMax CoolStix w/ Blowoff (GLY534)
  • Submersible Pump (PMP602)
  • BrewBuilt Chilling Pump Attachment Kit (GLY356)

CoolStix Specs:

  • Diameter - 1"
  • Overall Length - 28¼"
  • Bottom of CoolStix to T.C. Tee - 20½"
  • Width from CoolStix to Barb - 6½"
  • Blowoff Barb - 3/4" OD
  • Made from 304 Stainless Steel


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