BrewBuilt™ Hot Liquor Tank Controller


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The BrewBuilt™ HLT Controller allows you to control a 208-240V heating element up to 30 amps based on temperature. Perfect for keeping your sparge and mash water up to temp. This controller works by turning the burner power on and off at 100% power until it reaches the temperature setpoint. Features industrial-style power switches, and a 1/6 DIN Controller mounted on a splash resistant stainless steel enclosure. Pre-cut mounting holes allow you to hang the controller on your brew stand or on the wall at eye-level. L6-30 connections with 4 ft. cords on either end. Uses a 9' stainless braided PT-100 temperature sensor.

Compatible with all 208-240V elements, 30 amps and lower, with L6-30 connections.

The HLT Controller includes a contactor to fully shut off both legs when you throw the power switch, making the free end of the cord safer when the element is not plugged in.

If you'd prefer not to mount the controller to your wall, consider the stainless steel Controller Stand.


**Caution: In order to avoid injury or death we strongly recommend using a GFCI in any circuit used near water. You can find one here.**


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