How To Brew by John Palmer


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How To Brew, by Master Homebrewer John Palmer, is the ideal book for the first time brewer, and yet, it still contains enough technical information to keep the "expert" well informed. This is a book that you can start with and continue to grow with. This is the first book to include legitimate in depth information on all-grain brewing. John is a passionate homebrewer who we have spoken with and asked advice of many times. Being a metallurgist by trade, there is a great section on the different metals that are involved in brewing and how to treat and care for them.

This is a new and updated version of How To Brew with more emphasis on the "top five priorities":

  • Sanitation
  • Fermentation Temperature Control
  • Proper Yeast Management
  • The Boil
  • The Recipe

There are also 5 new chapters:

  • Malting and Brewing
  • Strong Beers
  • Fruit Beers
  • Sour Beers
  • Adjusting Water for Style

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