Raspberry Puree (33 oz) - Boiron Fruit Puree


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Add dazzling fruit flavor to your beverages with Boiron Ambient Fruit Purees. These high-quality puree products provide an incredible flavor impact and bright aromas that will radiate from your glass. Boiron's pasteurized fruit purees are made in France using only fruit, with no added sugar. Use these purees to add long-lasting fruit flavors to your beer, mead, kombucha, or homemade cocktails.

Use one to two cartons per 5-gallon batch of beer or mead. One carton will give a slight flavor while two cartons will produce a more pronounced fruit flavor. The product is sterile so you can add it directly to your fermenter for maximum flavor without needing to boil it beforehand.

Boiron Ambient Fruit Purees do not require refrigeration and can be stored at room temperature. 


  • Color: dark red-pink, bright
  • Taste: acidulus, slightly sweet, slight walnut notes
  • Texture: semi-liquid, smooth
  • pH: 2.70 – 3.10
  • Brix: 8.0 – 12.0°
  • Specific Gravity: 1.031 – 1.048
  • Shelf Life: 15 months
  • Optimal Temp Range: 39 – 77°F


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