Blichmann BrewEasy Horizontal Electric Brew System

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$5,199.00 to $5,495.00

Whether you're a serious homebrewer looking to take your hobby to the next level, or you're a professional brewer in need of a trusty pilot batch system, the all electric BrewEasy Horizontal System has you covered. Blichmann's turnkey system includes virtually everything you'll need to hit the ground running. This horizontal system features a BoilerMaker boil kettle, Electric BoilerMaker mash tun with 240v BoilCoil, the BrewCommander Controller, 2 Riptide Brewing Pumps and the Therminator Wort Chiller. All of these components work in harmony atop the custom made stainless steel table, which comes pre drilled with all the necessary holes for mounting the pumps, chiller and junction boxes.

The Boilermaker kettles are made in America from heavy gauge stainless steel. They come with Linear Flow Valves that allow for precise control of flow and disassemble for easy cleaning. Borosilicate sight gauges are mounted to the side of each kettle. The rotating racking arm on the dip tubes allow you to adjust them for clearer beer. The mash tun comes with the patented button louver false bottom and Blichmann's AutoSparge. The boil kettle comes with a whirlpool fitting and an adjustable viewing thermometer.

Blichmann's BoilCoils are engineered to perform at their best in the Boilermaker kettles. They'll provide consistent heating, boil quality, and boil-off rates. The BoilCoil has an ultra low watt density making scorching impossible when used properly. The 20 gallon system comes with one BoilCoil, while the 1 BBL system comes with two. Made from stainless steel and with an easily removable plug to clean.

The BrewCommander temperature controller gives you precise control over the temperature of your mash and your boil. The controller can be mounted to the table for convenience and stability. It features an intuitive touchscreen interface, advanced temperature control algorithm, automated step mashing, and boil addition timers.

These systems will ship free via freight with lift gate to anywhere in the contiguous United States.

  • 2 - BoilerMaker Kettles (1 Electric)
    • Made in the US from heavy gauge 304 stainless steel
    • Includes Linear Flow Valves to allow for precise control and easy cleaning
    • Rivet free handles, rugged cool touch grips, oriented for easy carrying
    • Boroscilicate glass level gauge
    • Rotating racking arm diptubes
    • Blichmann provides a limited lifetime warranty on the kettles
    • 20 gallon size: Includes 2 - 30 gallon BoilerMakers  (1 Electric)
    • 1 BBL size: Includes 2 - 55 gallon BoilerMakers  (1 Electric)


  • 240V BoilCoil
    • Each BoilCoil is built for the BoilerMaker kettle, so you can count on consistent heating performance, boil quality and boil-off rates
    • The BoilCoil has less than ultra low watt density meaning there is no chance of scorching when used properly
    • Made from stainless steel
    • Removable plug allows easy cleaning
    • 240V Coil includes a 12 ft cable with molded twist lock L6-30P plug
    • 20 gallon size: Includes 1 - 240V BoilCoil
    • 1 BBL size: Includes 2 - 240V BoilCoil


  • 2 - RipTide Brewing Pumps
    • Ultra quiet construction
    • Tri clamp fittings for easy cleaning and connecting/disconnecting
    • Linear Flow Valves


  • BrewCommander Temperature Controller
    • Intuitive touchscreen interface
    • Keypad data entry
    • Advanced temperature control algorithm
    • Automated step mashing (up to 5 steps and 9 profiles)
    • Boil addition timers (up to 7 additions and 9 profiles)
    • Integral pump switch
    • Lab grade precision thermometer (superior to RTD's)
    • Customizable settings - basic and advanced
    • Mash step ramp rate delay
    • HERMS / RIMS offsets
    • Audible alarms
    • Upgradable firmware


  • Heavy Duty Custom Table
    • 14 gauge 304 stainless steel construction
    • Drip ledge to keep spills off your floor
    • Built-in junction boxes
    • Heavy duty casters make it easy to move around
    • Lower shelf storage with adjustable height
    • Table Dimensions: 66" L x 30" W x 24" H
    • Made in USA
Both systems come with a Therminator Wort Chiller and all necessary hoses and fittings.
20 gallon System Requires:
  • 1 - 240V 30 Amp GFCI L630R outlet
  • 1 - 120V 15 Amp GFCI outlet

1 BBL System Requires:

  • 2 - 240V 30 Amp GFCI L630R outlets
  • 1 - 120V 15 Amp GFCI outlet

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