BevBright® 3 Micron Beverage Filters

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BevBright's Three Micron Filters are disposable, multi-zoned, cartridge style filters perfect for filtering wine with any standard 10" filter cartridge housing.  BevBright achieves superior efficiency by being the first to spin different diameters of poly strands on the same filter core to create zones of filtration. The zone closest to the core contains consistent, tight fibers for final filtration while the final outer layer zone is spun with larger fibers for increased sediment holding capacity and increased flow capacity. The best of both worlds. By comparison typical spun poly water filters are spun with only one size of fiber.   Note that these are True 10" Filter Cartridges that rely upon the housing being closed tightly in order to engage the Knife Seals & eliminate bypass.

3 Micron Filters
A 3 micron rating is the perfect middle ground for filters.  Beer's not totally clear, but not completely hazy?  A 3 micron will do wonders.  It will take out all yeast cells and visible haze, but won't clog like a 1 micron if haze is present.  If there's heavy visible haze, a 5 micron will be a better place to start.  No haze whatsoever, and a 1 micron will brighten your beer beautifully!

What Efficiency rating should I choose?
We suggest you start with the Super High Efficiency rated filters and adjust from there.

High Efficiency - Removes 90% of the material 3 micron or larger in a single pass.

Super High Efficiency - Removes 98% of the material 3 micron or larger in a single pass.
Absolute Rated - Removes 99.8% of the material 3 micron or larger in a single pass.

More Information on Efficiency Ratings
The efficiency rating tells you what % of material, at the given micron rating, will be filtered out in a single pass. Cheaper spun poly water filters are never rated for efficiency because they only remove 60-80% of the material at a given micron rating in a single pass. BevBright offer three levels of efficiency to fit any brewers budget or need.  

The High Efficiency rated filters work better than any 1 micron rated hardware store spun poly filters . The Super High Efficiency filters represent great value. They remove 98% of material in a single pass for just a little bit more money. Absolute rated filters are more typically used in the wine industry but are available for discerning brewers that want the highest efficiency possible. 


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