BeerStix - Medium Plus Toast French Oak Tank Stave (60 gal)


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We begin with Northern American Oak, properly seasoned and toasted to perfection.
Then we add the “BeerStix™ milling” that allows short grain impact (as in spirals, beans and cubes); and long grain complexity in the same piece of wood! BeerStix has 60% more surface area than Wine Stix® milling for faster extraction time, please allow 2 months minimum contact time for the long grain extraction of flavors and aromas.
Careful aging and seasoning of the French Oak, along with precise Medium + toasting, delivers Roasted, Toasty aromas; flavors and aromas of coffee, caramel, and sweetness; and enhances the beer's length on the palate.
Can be tethered accordion style to match the brew volume or can be cut down to change the ratio of oak to brew. Cut and non-used piece can be stored in the O2 barrier packaging until the next time.
Good for multiple batches; when you've acheived the desired flavors and aromas, scrub the still-wet wood with a sanitized stainless steel brush; keep wet and double wrap with plastic stretch wrap and freeze. Thaw and put in the next Brew.
Use one BeerStix™ Stave per 30 gallons of Beer. Minimum 4’’ container opening required. Dimensions are 1/2’’ thick x 1-7/16’’ wide x 34’’ long.
Less Wood. Less Cost. Excellent Results.

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