Beerstix Domininos - American Medium +


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BeerStix™ Domininos are 1.5 in square pieces that allow faster extraction to your brew or spirits.

The BeerStix™ milling gives 60% more surface area compared to Wine Stix®, allowing faster extraction due to more short grain exposure. The milling is 1/16 in thinner for a denser toasting.

Careful aging and seasoning of the American Oak, along with precise Medium + toasting, delivers flavors and aromas of Roasted Coffee, Spices, Nutmeg, Honey, Light Chocolate and Hints of Leather.

The 1.5 in length exposes more “short” or end grain allowing faster beer penetration into the wood and faster extraction of flavor into the beer, resulting in BeerStix™'s fastest extraction period of just 1 month. The end result is in likeness to a second use Barrel.

This 490 gram (1 lb) bag treats up to 100 gallons of beer. 

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