Beer And Wine Hydrometer With Correction Scale - Pack of 10


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A deluxe hydrometer for beer or wine with built-in thermometer and correction scale that allows you to instantly correct your hydrometer readings for temperature. A hydrometer reads accurately at 60 Fahrenheit. Temperatures above and below 60F require that you add or subtract from your reading. Like the basic model, the deluxe hydrometer also features three scales - specific gravity, potential alcohol and Brix (Balling). 12.75" long. Current range is .990 to 1.160

Save ibg by buying these hydrometers in bulk and getting them in their case pack! They are delicate precision instruments made of glass, so of course they're going to break.  Whether it's a bumbling pet (they're cute, so it's worth it), an inquisitive stranger (customer) or a clumsy 'employee' (we know you broke it and you're blaming them), it never hurts to have a couple extra lying around. 

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