Ball Lock Adapter Tapping Head for Sanke Kegs


Item #: 48813
Weight: 1LBS

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Convert a commercial sanke keg to be used with ball lock fittings. To install, remove the keg spear, place the gasket on the keg ferrule with the beaded side facing up, attach the silicone dip tube and place the tapping head on the ferrule, then secure with the 2" tri-clamp.

Be sure to always depressurize the keg before removing the tapping head.


  • Ball Lock Post Lid
  • 2" tri-clamp
  • Single-side beaded tri-clamp gasket
  • 60 cm silicone dip tube (23.6")
  • Red 2.5 bar PRV (36 psi)



Product Specifications

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