Balazs Planter Barrel | Half Barrel Planter | Flower Pot | 21.5" x 16"


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Weight: 34LBS
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  • Brand new, unused oak barrel that makes for a stunning planter barrel or flower pot
  • Offers a clean, bright aesthetic compared to distressed, used barrels
  • Zinc-plated steel barrel hoops for corrosion resistance
  • Stainless ring handles for easy carrying when empty
  • Linseed oil coated on the outside for beauty and increased longevity

These planters will add a beautiful aesthetic to breweries, wineries, or your home patio.  Plenty of room for growing hops, grape vines, barley, flowers, fruits, vegetables, citrus, or whatever your green thumb leads you to sow.

Unlike traditional wine barrels cut in half these barrels are purpose-designed so they not only look beautiful, they are built to stay together over the long haul.  

Open Diameter 19.75" x 14" Deep

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