Australian Shiraz Wine Making Kit - VineCo Signature Series™


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  • Australian Shiraz is a reliable crowd pleaser; serve with confidence at any dinner party on any occasion
  • Ideally served alongside meals of grilled or roasted meat
  • Flavors of blackberry, cherry, dried currant, and baking spice
  • Full-bodied and dry, 14% ABV
  • Whip up a batch in 30 mins or less! Yields 6 gallons (2 cases) of finished wine in 6-8 weeks
  • Premium kit includes grape skins for an authentic wine making experience
  • Bottle labels included for a professional finish

Shiraz is the signature grape of Australia, accounting for more planted acreage than any other winemaking grape in the country. Australia's growing seasons are warm but stable, yielding Shiraz grapes with fiercely concentrated flabvor. This wine is decidedly fruit-forward, with notes of blackberry, cherry, and dried currant with hints of baking spice and mocha. A full-bodied wine with firm tannins, strong oak character, and dry finish. Perfectly paired with roasted meats, charcuterie, and aged chese.

Shiraz, Australia

  • Blackberry, cherry, dried currant, baking spice, firm tannins
  • Sweetness: Dry
  • Oak: Heavy
  • Body: Full
  • ABV: 14%
  • Kit Volume: 14 L
  • Approximate Yield: 23 L
  • Ready to bottle in 6-8 weeks
  • Grape skins included


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