Pale Ale Malt - Briess Malting

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3.5 L  - Briess Malting - Use as a rich malty base malt. Fully modified, high extract, low protein. Not just a darker Base Malt. A unique malting recipe results in the development of its unique flavor. Sufficient enzyme level supports the inclusion of even the most demanding specialty malts without extending the brewing cycle. Impacts foam color. 



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Viking Malt - Pale Ale GR901
Great Western Malting - American Pale GR305
Canada Malting - Superior Pale Ale GR670
Thomas Fawcett Malting - Spring Pale Ale GR362
Dingemans Malting - Pale Ale GR330
Admiral Maltings - Maiden Voyage Pale GR700
Admiral Maltings - Gallagher's Best Pale GR701


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