50 gal. BrewBuiltâ„¢ Electric Whirlpool Brewing Kettle - USED REFURBISHED

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Condition: Used - Good. This unit is used. It shows wear from use but is in good condition and works perfectly. It may have cosmetic defects or show other signs of previous use. 

This BrewBuilt brewing kettle features a total of five welded ports. This kettle was built for whirlpool recirculation and mounting electric heating elements, but this is a grea kettle to rig up this kettle with any fittings or accessories you wish.

  • Bottom-left port -- 1/2" MPT -- for transfer valve
  • Top-left port -- 1/2" FPT -- thermometer port
  • Top-middle port -- 1/2" MPT -- for whirlpool valve
  • Top- and bottom-right ports -- 1/2" T.C. -- intended for tri-clamp electric elements

Does not include fittings or valves.

Key Features

  • AISI304 Stainless Steel construction for longevity and excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless handles and rivets for secure lifting.
  • Silicone coated kettle and lid handles for heat protection.
  • Lid is designed to conveniently hang from a handle.
  • 4 mm Tri-Clad Bottom with Aluminum Core heats quickly and disperses heat evenly to prevent scorching.
  • 1.2mm thick side walls resists denting.
  • Three welded NPT couplers -- MPT at bottom-left and top-middle position, FPT at top-left position
  • Two welded tri-clamp couplers -- top- and bottom-right position
  • 1.2:1 height:diameter ratio provides optimal evaporation rate during boiling.
  • Industry-First notched lid with silicone plug accommodates an immersion chiller or sparge arm.
  • Internally etched volume markers from top to bottom for easy filling.
  • 28.3" Height x 23.6" Ø


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