Farro Glass | Premium Wine Bottles | Bordeaux | Antique Green | 200 mL | Case of 24

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The mini Bordeaux bottle is perfect for dessert wines, olive oil, or mead. This 200 mL size bottle is an ideal choice for those looking to cut down on their consumption of alcoholic beverages. At 6.75 fl oz, it holds just over a standard 5 oz pour of wine. A great option if you don't want to uncork a whole bottle to enjoy a single glass.

  • Volume: 200 mL
  • Style: Bordeaux / Claret
  • Use: Ice Wine, Dessert Wine, Olive Oil
  • Color: Antique Green
  • Finish: Cork
  • Bottom: Punted
  • Case QTY: 24

Our Farro Glass Wine Bottles offers a full lineup of the most essential and commonly used bottles in winemaking. We scoured the world to find a bottle source that could provide a quality product consistently and at a fair price that we can pass on to our customers. If you've been searching for reasonably priced bottles that are reliably in stock, look no further.

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